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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

HOLLOW MOON by Rebecca York ★★★★ AVAILABLE NOW!!

Did she save his life only to betray him? 

Werewolf detective Knox Marshall makes a near-fatal mistake when he tries to get the goods on a drug lab in isolated Western Maryland. Captured and used as a test subject in a diabolical experiment, he manages to escape. After nurse Maggie Leland finds him naked and wounded in the woods, she patches him up; but she’s hardly prepared for the drug flashbacks that spin his mind out of control or the side effects that turn him on. She and Knox get close quickly. He thinks he’s found his lifemate—until it looks like Maggie is working with the drug dealers. When he realizes he’s wrong, is it, too late to save her life?


HOLLOW MOON by Rebecca York.  This is part of the Decorah Security Series.  Having read only one previous book in the series, I found I had no trouble following along, despite this being book #17.  Ms. York fills the book with love and sex and danger and suspense too.  I enjoyed this paranormal tale and found it easy to read and follow.  I liked the characters, even if Knox came across arrogant in the beginning.  Maggie is sweet and independent and really just trying to live her life when trouble comes along.  I would have liked to have known a bit more about Maggie and her family life (although maybe that is in a previous book) as well as Knox's previous life.  It is touched upon, I just would have liked a bit more.  Honestly, paranormal is not always my favorite genre, although I found I enjoyed this werewolf tale and look forward to checking out more in this series.  (received ARC from NetGalley for honest review)


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