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My name is Cathy - I'm a mom of 3 boys and reading is my escape from the craziness of raising them.  Of course, I would never trade being their mom for anything but everyone needs an escape once in a while!!

Reading is probably my favorite pastime. and I just recently discovered a great way to share my thoughts on books by writing reviews on this blog, as well as Amazon, GoodReads, etc.  I enjoy participating in book tours as well.  Book Tours offer my followers a chance to connect with the author and usually have a giveaway attached too.

Of course, these reviews are my opinions.  Just as I don't always agree with others' reviews, I'm sure some won't like mine. I will always write an honest review about what I felt and thought about the story.  I would love to read comments and feedback on my posts. 


Review Policy

Reviews posted by Cat are written based on the affects that the story had on Cat, more than the writing style.  If the book has solicited tears, laughter, angst, etc., throughout, then a higher star rating will probably be given.    They will usually be a simple and brief review, highlighting the thoughts and emotions Cat encountered while reading.  

Although brief recaps might be given in the review, spoilers are avoided and usually not included.

I welcome comments and suggestions - please feel free to email me at


The majority of books listed on this site have been received free for honest reviews and sharing of the review on various site, in addition to this blog (including Amazon and Goodreads).  It will be noted at the end of the review if this is the case.  If not, the book was purchased by Cat.  

Star Rating System used by Cat!!

I prefer to use a star rating system to rate the books I read.  Below is the rating system and a brief summary of my thoughts when I rate a book and why.   I always try to look for the good in a book, even if it's not terrific.  I usually don't comment or rate based on grammatical errors, etc., especially since many of the books I receive to review are ARCs and not truly ready for publishing yet.  Even so, I might send a note to the publisher if it's not an ARC or is requested about the grammar, etc., if it's truly horrible.  Also, occasionally I'll give an additional .5 star - this just means that it wasn't quite up to the higher star rating above it, but felt it was still a bit more than the lower one. I will always be honest to how a book affects me - this is what I base my rating on.  Of course, this might differ from others but that's what makes the world go round! :o)

Here is my rating system: 


To rate a book 5 stars, I need to connect with the book emotionally.  This can be through humor, suspense, or even sadness. While reading, I truly believed the emotions and storyline.  I find myself laughing, crying or cringing from fear.   The book will have me thinking about it long after I finished.   A 5-star rating from me means that it is a book that, at some point, I would pick it back up and read again, no doubt.


For a 4-star rating, the book evoke emotions and connections but not quite as strongly as the 5-star.  I’ve enjoyed the story, although there might be some part or a character trait that didn’t sit right, but overall, it was enjoyed.  I might pick this one up again to read.


Three stars means it was an OK story – it probably didn’t evoke too many emotions or, at least not to the same magnititude the 5- and 4-star ratings did.  Usually it means there were parts of the story that might have been unbelievable or just did not make that connection with me as the reader.   Chances are I won’t read it again.


Well, 2 stars means it was a bit of a struggle to get through.  Either the writing style was poor or the story just wasn’t believable or I just really didn’t like the story or behavior of the characters.  

If it’s a one star, chances are it took a lot to get through it – would have had to really force myself to finish.   There would be many factors that I didn’t enjoy – characters and their behaviors, the storyline, writing style, etc.   

This blog is intended for adults 18+. Often the material posted is for mature audiences only and should be viewed by adults only.

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