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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Play by Play" (A Play Makers Novella) (Kate Donavan)

As I began reading “Play by Play” (A Play Makers Novella) by Kate Donavan, I was enjoying it - the introduction to the characters was light and fun.  It’s great to have a hero that can laugh at himself and his situation.   I understood Sophie's hesitancy to get involved but loved how she decided to become friends first before just writing off any sort of relationship.
As the book progressed, I liked the way their relationship developed.  Although, I would have enjoyed a bit more insight into the time they spent together and Sophie’s point of view.  The ending  also seemed a bit rushed, and, although issues are resolved, I thought more explanation was needed.  I suppose that being a novella is the reason.
Despite the feeling that the second half was missing something, I did enjoy the lightness of the book.  It was a quick and easy read.   ✔✔✔✔

"Doctor, Soldier, Daddy" (Caro Carson)

“Doctor, Soldier, Daddy” by Caro Carson.  I enjoyed this book more than I expected to, to be honest.  At times, it actually made me cry.  The heroine, Kendry, was trying so hard to survive and was so proud, it was a bit heartbreaking when things seemed to be against her always.  The Hero, Jamie, was a gentleman trying to protect his son and saw Kendry as the only way to do that.
It was fun to watch the relationship progress and the growth of both characters.  I did wonder whatever happened to Kendry’s problems that were the cause of her being in such a bad place – it was never really cleared up but I suppose Jamie took care of it.  I would have liked to have seen a resolution to that only because Kendry was so proud to accept help and then it was gone!
I would recommend “Doctor, Soldier, Daddy” for a quick read that will had me crying, laughing and cheering.   ✔✔✔✔

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Highlander's Captive" (Donna Fletcher) - COMING SOON!

Coming Soon - "Highlander's Captive", the third and final book of the Highlander Series, by Donna Fletcher.  It is set to come out in November 2013.  I, personally, cannot wait.  This has been one of my favorite series and I look forward to the conclusion, although I will "miss" Dawn and Cree.

For more updates and exciting previews of "Highlander's Captive", visit Ms. Fletcher's website,   The first chapter is previewed on the website and it sounds like this book will continue to be a captivating storyline for Dawn and Cree.  Also, Cree's sister Wintra will be introduced and I look forward to meeting her too!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Forbidden Highlander" (Donna Fletcher)

"Forbidden Highlander" by Donna Fletcher is the second book of the Highlander Trilogy (book one is "Highlander Unchained").  As with the first, the story is filled with mystery, action and love.

This is the continuation of Dawn and Cree's story.  While Dawn's life is still threatened by an unknown source, Cree's life has taken on a new twist - his intended has arrived.  To secure his land, he must wed her, but what will become of Dawn now?  Many new characters are on board in this book and it was fun to figure out who might be the good guys and who wasn't.    

As with the first book of the trilogy, I enjoyed this book.  Again, Ms. Fletcher delivers!  I cannot wait for Dawn and Cree's story to continue in the third book, "Highlander's Captive" due out in November.  The books, although currently only available in e-books, will also be available in print come November.    ✔✔✔✔✔

Highlander Unchained (Donna Fletcher)

"Highlander Unchained" by Donna Fletcher is book one of a trilogy.  It's the story of Dawn, a peasant girl, and Cree, a mighty Highlander warrior.  It's a love story that has you cheering all the way.  There's intrigue, mystery, and action as well that only adds to its appeal.

Dawn was born without a voice - she's simple and plain and often overlooked due to her lack of voice. Cree is a fierce Highlander that will do whatever it takes to secure his land and a safe haven for his people.   I love Dawn - she is spunky and fun and a very caring, generous soul.  Cree, despite believing he is heartless, is a very caring person, although he chooses to think otherwise.  Will Dawn be his downfall or his greatest strength?

Ms. Fletcher has rapidly become one of my favorite authors, having read several other of her works too.  However, this series is my favorite.  I cannot wait for the third book to be released this November.   ✔✔✔✔✔