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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"My Obsession" (Cassie Ryan) ★★★★ with GIVEAWAY!!

My Obsession
Club Desire # 1
By: Cassie Ryan
Releasing July 21, 2015


In this story of temptation and total surrender for readers of Sylvia Day and J. Kenner, a powerful master gives his dream girl a new beginning in the dungeons of decadent ecstasy.

Running from a troubled past, Sandra Barry spent years hiding out in New York City’s BDSM scene, finding satisfaction and even a sense of community as a sub at a large dungeon. But when a stalker joins the dungeon posing as a Dom, he crosses her personal boundaries, giving her no choice but to return home to Arizona. Seeking refuge once again in the kink lifestyle, Sandra meets a sexy new Dom whose tutelage drives her wild—although there’s something familiar about him she just can’t place.

As a teenager, Brent Weston was a nerd. Now he owns the hottest dungeon in Phoenix, enjoying the power and success he’s always craved. All that’s missing is the right woman to share it with. Then one day Sandra, his secret high school crush, walks into his club. She’s just as beautiful as he remembers. She’s also scared as hell. Brent has been waiting for this moment, and now that Sandra’s in his sights, he’ll do anything to protect her, pleasure her—and prove that he’s the only master worthy of her devotion.


“Sandra, relax.” His tone was calm and sure. “You have nothing to fear here.”
She jumped as she realized she’d fallen silent again and turned to find him watching her. Another strong flash of familiarity caught her before it vanished.
She dismissed it. If she had ever met this man before, she wouldn’t have forgotten him.
“I did receive the envelope from your old dungeon,” he said, pulling her attention back to the topic at hand. “Master Mason and I have known each other since college. In fact he was the one who invited me to my first munch and showed me my first glimpse into the kink world.”
Sandra had never been fond of the term “munch,” which just referred to a social gathering of those involved in or interested in the BDSM lifestyle. She had never figured out why someone had settled on that horrible name for it.
Brent’s voice held fondness and a soft note even though his presence was total Dom. She could imagine this man holding her in aftercare and soothing her with that same tone in his voice, or maybe even more.
Sandra stiffened at the thought. She needed to be smart about this. She’d just met this man. Choosing a Dom this quickly was part of what had gotten her into trouble last time. She needed to slow down. After all, she wasn’t sure he would grant her membership, even with Master Mason’s recommendation.
She didn’t think she’d spoken to Master Mason more than four or five times in passing, the entire time she’d attended her previous dungeon. But within fifteen minutes of entering this one she now had a private audience with the owner? Oh, how times have changed.
She chided herself. The club in New York had been good to her. It wasn’t their fault that Diego had turned out the way he had. In fact, once they found out what he was doing to her, they tried to help. One of the other Doms had even driven her downtown to file the restraining order.
“Sandra?” Master Brent’s deep voice broke into her thoughts and she snapped her gaze to his.
“Yes. I’m sorry.” She clenched her fingers until her nails bit into her palms, trying to bring herself back to the present and break away from the past. “I seem to be rather scattered tonight.”
He gave her a slow smile that managed to be both comforting and sexy at the same time. “It’s all right. I meant what I said. You have nothing to fear. You’re safe here.”
She cocked her head to the side, again wondering what Master Mason had written in that note.
“Mason told me about Diego, and the bastard won’t bother you here. We’ll make sure of it.” Master Brent scowled, his voice taking on a dangerous edge, promising almost anticipated retribution should Diego choose to try to get to her here.
Even with Master Brent’s assurances, though, she knew Diego. He had a way of convincing people he was sincere, that he had only the best intentions. Why would this club, this city, be any different?
Sandra’s brow furrowed, and a frown pulled at her mouth as the familiar fear stabbed into her. “But how can you be so sure?” The question slipped out before she could stop it, and she hated that her voice wavered.
 “Because, Sandra, we take care of our own.” He leaned forward and ducked his head to capture her once again in his mesmerizing gaze. “We will take care of you. I’ll see to it. You’re safe here.”
She blinked several times, letting his words take shape inside her mind, almost afraid to hope. “You’re granting me membership?”
Master Brent gave a single nod. “You’re a full member. I can give you a tour and introduce you to those not in scenes when you’re ready.” And just like that his voice and demeanor were back to normal. The glimpse of the dangerous man she’d seen hidden once again behind the sexy Dom.
She blew out a long breath, releasing all her nervousness with it¾she hoped. “I’d like that . . . Master Brent.” She deliberately enunciated his name and title, enjoying how it felt on her tongue. A quick flash of how other parts of him might feel on her tongue tightened her body with arousal.
His knowing look told her he had a good idea what she’d been thinking. “Why don’t we go over some administrative details first, so in case you get . . . distracted by something during our tour, we’ll have that out of the way?” His throat worked and she found herself mesmerized by his Adam’s apple and the tanned skin of his neck.
Thoughts of what all those distractions he mentioned might entail intrigued and aroused her¾especially if they involved him.
She wasn’t sure why she was drawn to this man so strongly. She’d met many sexy, confident Doms before, and none had ever made her react like this.
There was something about Master Brent that both reassured and excited her.
He shifted in his chair and she noticed his muscular thighs under the dress slacks.
How would those muscles feel flexing under her fingers? She brushed the tips of her fingers together in an attempt to remind herself not to start fantasizing about reaching over to find out.
He smiled at her, a smile that sent heat searing through her, making her wonder if he knew the effect he had on her. “Or would you rather we save the boring administration details for later?”
Sandra resisted the urge to bang her head back against the wall behind the love seat. She was becoming quite distracted already and they hadn’t even left his office.
“I’m sorry. I’m not sure where my brain is today. I’m not usually this scatterbrained.” She squirmed in her seat while hope, leftover nerves, and a thousand other things churned inside her gut all at the same time. She forced herself to relax, uncurling her fists, unclenching her jaw.
There was no way she could sit still for another minute without splitting apart at the seams, or throwing herself at the sexy man in front of her. “I’d like to do the tour first, if that’s okay?”

He stood and held out his hand to help her up. “Absolutely. Let me show you my kingdom.” His boyish grin exuded pride and love, which made him seem younger and more approachable somehow.

So, when I first picked up "My Obsession" by Cassie Ryan, I wasn't grabbed by the story.  It's hard to say why exactly, but as the tale progressed and other characters were brought in and the plot line expanded, I found myself a bit more caught up in it then at the beginning.  I was glad I stuck with it and found I did enjoy it - it has love and romance; hot, steamy sex; a bad guy and danger.  All around, a good mix for a good story.   This one involves a Dom/s relationship between Sandra and Brent.  Sandra is running from a bad experience and a stalker.  It took me a while warm up to Sandra.  She seemed a bit immature at times.   As I learned more and more about her, I grew to like her and admire her strength and determination.  Brent - I really, really liked Brent.  He's not only the perfect Dom, he's a great guy.  He's smart and successful and uber-sexy.    The two were really good together.  They were exactly what each needed.   I don't read many BDSM stories but thought Ms. Ryan did a good job of explaining the scenes and what was happening.  I thought this was a great way to start a new series and will be looking out for the next book.  (received copy from NetGalley for honest review)


Cassie Ryan (aka Tina Gerow) started her career writing steamy paranormal romance under another pen name. However, when one of her critique partners suggested she try her hand at contemporary romance, she gave it a shot—and Cassie Ryan was officially born. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and besides being a write-a-holic, is a frequent speaker on several writing and motivational topics.



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