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Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Hot Seal" (Lynn Raye Harris) ★★★★


"HOT SEAL" by Lynn Raye Harris is a novella and is part 

of the "Seals Of Summer 2" Superbundle out now!!

Seals of Summer 2: A Military Romance Superbundle
FALL DARK (SEALs Undone) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York.
HOT SEAL (The Hostile Operations Team) by USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris.
SEAL’S HERITAGE by NYT and USA TodayBestselling author Sharon Hamilton.
THE GUARDIAN (SEALs Beyond Battlefields) by NYT and USA Today bestselling, RITA-award nominated author Kimberley Troutte.
THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE (East Coast 8 prequel) by USA Today bestselling, RITA-award nominated author Elle Kennedy.
HER NEXT BREATH (Uncharted SEALs) by NYTand USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin.
SEAL’S DEFIANCE (Take No Prisoners) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Elle James.
A SEAL’S CHANCE, by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Seton.
ONE HOT SEAL (When SEALs Come Home) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh.
A SEAL’S DUTY, by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Lowery.



"Hot Seals" by Lynn Raye Harris.   This one tells the story of Dane, a Navy Seal new to the HOT team, and Ivy, a DEA agent and Dane's ex-wife.  Dane, being a true alpha male, made my panties melt!!  Even though those alpha males can be a bit arrogant, they are so strong and sexy, they make me drool! :o)   Ivy, on the other hand, took me a while to warm up to.  She's Ms. Tough as Nails, and, for me, I like my heroines a bit more damsel in distress - of course, that's just me.  However, as the story progresses and I get to know Ivy more, I grew to like her and admire her and respect her.  I enjoyed seeing Ivy and Dane reconnect and how their love reignited.  Once again, Ms. Harris has written a tale that has love, some chuckles and of course, danger.   What I truly enjoy about Ms. Harris' works, she succeeds in not only writing a romance and love story, there is a plot and storyline that are engaging and pull the reader in.  I itch to turn each page to see what will happen next.   The HOT series is rapidly growing to become one of my all time favorites.   I am excited to read the next release (Hot & Bothered) by Ms. Harris and hope for the series to continue on after that too.   (received copy for honest review)



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