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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Second Chance Hearts" (Heather Lire) with Giveaway!!

TITLE – Second Chance Hearts
SERIES – Holiday Vermont
AUTHOR – Heather Lire
GENRE – Contemporary
PUBLICATION DATE – August 1, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 148 pages
PUBLISHER – Desert Breeze Publishing


Jessica Chase has always done what's expected of her, including betray the love of her life. But that has never earned her the love of her parents. She's decided to throw off their superficial values and actually contribute to society. 

Case Sanderson should be happy; he has his three year old daughter, even though the women he was about to marry turned against him in the paternity suit. But, until he learns to forgive her he can't seem to put himself back on the market. 

Case and Jessica must come together to help a refugee in the battered women's underground. And they have been given the perfect opportunity at a second chance to heal their broken hearts and find love.



Case watched the taillights of Justin's car disappear down the drive and contemplated his own life. He was thirty years old, a single dad, had a company he was proud of, and helped those who needed it desperately.
He had a great life, but gods he missed sex.
He envied Justin and his attitude toward it. It's what made it possible to have the sex life he had, one Case wished he could have.
He'd never been one for random hook-ups with women. His dad had instilled in him a respect for women at an early age. When he'd reached the age where sex had been the number one thing on his mind his dad had pulled him aside and asked him to think about his sisters and how he would feel if a man had hooked up with one of them for the sole purpose of having sex.
It hadn't sat well in his stomach the thought of his sisters being treated that way so he'd never developed the habit.
From the time he was seventeen till he was twenty-two he'd had a steady girlfriend, one he'd thought he'd marry after college. Until she'd shown up at his apartment on one of the worst days in his life. He'd thought she was there for moral support, only she hadn't been.
She'd handed him a box of the things he'd had at her apartment and informed him she was getting married in two weeks.
In one move she'd gutted him.
Morgan hadn't missed the fact she'd been missing from Jacks funeral. Afterward she'd confronted him about it, and then helped him to cover up the breakup with his family. Telling everyone they'd broken up earlier than when it had actually happened.
For a year he'd forgotten all about the promise he'd made to his dad about random hookups and slept with whatever girl sparked his interest.
Then Morgan had turned up pregnant, and he'd stopped. He didn't want to be like the son of a bitch who'd gotten her pregnant and then disappeared from her life.
After that he'd developed several friends with benefits women in the different cities he worked in, letting him have the regular sex he not only wanted but needed.
All of that had changed, however, when he'd met her. He'd fallen for her hard and fast. He'd thought she felt the same, and discovered, once again during one of the darkest times in his life, it had all been a lie. The only good thing that had come from that time period was Kayle.
From the moment she'd been placed in his arms she'd gotten all of his focus and energy, a decision he didn't regret.
Even when Justin had dragged him to one of his clubs in Boston, he hadn't been tempted by any of the women.
The flash of headlights coming up the lane dragged him from his thoughts.
Who in the hell was coming out here at this time of night? He lived too far out for a casual drop by from his sisters or their husbands.
He stayed at the window and watched the car approach. He took a swallow of his apple ale and hoped whoever it was didn't wake up Kayle.
She'd been so excited to have kids on the farm she'd missed her nap and had been cranky all evening. She'd finally crashed a half an hour ago.
The car stopped, and the driver stayed in the car, leading him to wonder if they were lost. Just when he decided to go out on the porch to see who they were the driver side door opened. From his position at the window he could make out a long leg.
A female leg.
As the car wasn't one of his sister's or Audrey or Brooke's cars, she wasn't related him. He briefly wondered if it was Shelly, but discarded that thought.
The woman continued getting out of the car and slammed the door. She turned to the house, and he got his first look at her. Recognition was a fist to his boys.
He didn't need the light to know the color of the hair she had caught up in a ponytail or see the color of her expressive eyes to know how her body fit perfectly against his.
His emotions warred within him. Half of him wanted to greet her with anger. She'd been part of the reason his reputation had been shredded. She'd been the person he thought he'd found what his parents and sisters had with. She'd also ripped his heart out and handed it back to him with no regard for what she'd done.
On the other hand she'd also helped to give him his heart, Kayle. When he'd walked into the lawyers' office to pick up the baby that had been conceived with his stolen sperm, the very last person he'd expected to see holding her had been the woman he'd been on the verge of proposing to.
He watched, hidden in the shadows as she looked at the house. They'd had no contact since the day he'd walked out of her office, not that he hadn't been tempted to seek her out whenever he'd been in New York. Every time he'd thought about it though he'd remembered what it had felt like to walk into that office and see the one person he'd thought would have his back standing there holding his baby girl.
He watched her slam the car door and move toward the gate. The lithe grace of her movements had other parts of him stirring, parts that hadn't stirred in far too long.
Sure, he'd gone through the mechanics of sex, for the last couple of years, but it had been emotionless. A necessary release.
The creak of the gate drew his attention back to the woman moving toward the front porch.
For a heartbeat he considered ignoring her presence, but curiosity got the better of him.
He left the window and moved through the house, stopping only to close Kayle's bedroom door before he reached the stairs. The knock on the front sounded as he reached the bottom step.
If his sisters could see the way he was acting now, they'd never let him live it down.
That thought had him shaking off the mood he'd been in all evening and open the door.
The light from the porch cast a shadow over him, so she couldn't see who had answered the door, but he could see her.
He felt like a man who'd been denied food and drink for months and then been taken to an all-you-can-eat buffet staring at her.
"Hello, I'm looking for Shelly Harger's cottage. I was told it was on this farm, but I think I missed a turn."
Case swore viciously in his mind. A wrong turn had landed the one person he should stay away from, and had managed just barely to stay away from for years.
He stepped into the light and heard her gasp what he assumed was surprise. They'd see if it was a good surprise or a bad surprise.

"Second Chance Hearts" by Heather Lire.  This is story of Case and Jessica - two hearts that loved each other but broke apart and now have a second chance.  Jessica, a lawyer, has always done what was expected of her by her parents - always wanting to please them. Until one day, she has enough.  She finds the strength to leave and live her life her way.  I admired her strength for making that decision and for the decision to work at the woman's shelter.  But will it be too late for love with Case?  Case was hardened after losing Jessica, rightly so. He vowed to never marry or get seriously involved with someone again.   Although he's a tough cookie when it comes to love, he's a teddy bear when it comes to his baby girl, Kayle.  I loved watching him in Daddy mode and Kayle was terrific.  I felt that Jess and Case reconnected really fast.  For all the hurt they claimed, within a day, they were ready to be together.  Not that I enjoy angst and hurt, but it seemed there should have been more of a climb for them to reconnect.   There were many secondary characters that was a bit confusing - this is the fourth book of the series and I have not read the other books and I was often a bit lost.  I'm not sure if reading the others would have helped with the confusion or not.  I'm guessing it would since I didn't follow who some of the other characters were and what their stories are.   With that said, it was a fairly quick read and I did enjoy Case and Jessica - their love seemed true.  


Heather has traveled all over the world, speaks several languages, collects romance books like they're going out of style, and has multiple book boyfriends. Ok, she hasn't been all over the world, except in her mind. She does however speak multiple languages and collect romance books. Her long-suffering husband and sons roll their eyes at all her book boyfriends. When she's not busy on her next novel she can be found at one of her sons many sporting events or on twitter talking about what else, romance books. She loves to hear what you think about her stories so please drop her a note.




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