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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Almost Like Love" (Abigail Strom) ★★★★★


Television writer Kate Meredith is having the day from hell. First, her show was canceled. Then her fiancé left her for another woman. Now, she's courting disaster by flirting with the hard-bodied, tattooed, motorcycle-riding bad boy of her dreams…who also happens to be the man who fired her.
If people had told Ian Hart that he'd be firing Kate in the morning and dancing with her that night, he'd have laughed in their faces. Despite her leggy body, the sweet but geeky redhead isn’t his type. At least, that’s what he thinks before spotting her in a club wearing an outfit that reveals her surprisingly delectable assets.
Before he knows it, Ian becomes Kate’s knight on a shining motorcycle, escorting her home to prevent her from running off with some random guy. But when the night is over, “Little Miss Boring” and her sexy former boss just might turn their oh-so-wrong feelings into something very right.

"Almost Like Love" by Abigail Strom Ms. Strom has done a terrific job of entertaining us - this is a quick, light and fun read.  I found myself chuckling throughout and didn't want to put it down.  This is a true romance novel - no suspense or life threatening situations - just a good ole' fashion love story (with some steamy scenes too!)  Kate and Ian are an unlikely match, or so they believe.  He's a playboy that doesn't do relationships and she wears her heart on her sleeve.  It was so much fun to see Ian unravel at the prospect of falling in love.  And to watch Kate discover she's a stronger person than she believed herself to be.   Ms. Strom was able to convey the feelings of all the characters - both happy and sad - and made me believe and feel them too.   This is one I would certainly recommend for a feel-good read!  (Received ARC from NetGalley)
Available October 28, 2014




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