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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"The Present" (Beth Williamson) ★★★★★


One night can change everything.The Malloy Family, Book 8.5Ethan Malloy has distanced himself from the world after his wife’s death. Two yearshave passed in self-imposed loneliness. During a fateful snowstorm, he finds a stranger inhis house when he returns. Ethan’s life will never be the same.Fiona Carmichael didn’t intend to get lost in a snowstorm or end up spending the nightin a house with a man she barely knew. He made her yearn for what she’d never found—ahome, a man to love and be loved by.Circumstances threw them together, but will they take the life fate offers them?Warning: Recipe for love, Old West style: a lonely widower, a feisty redhead, a dose ofspirit and a dash of unexpected marriage. Shake well and sip to savor.



"The Present" by Beth Williamson is the story of Ethan and Fiona.   Absolutely loved Fiona - she's bubbly and honest and full of life.  Despite some sad circumstances and moments of pity on her part (understandably), she always holds her head up high.  Ethan, a grieving widow, isn't sure what to make of her and that is where the fun lies.  Despite being a novella, I thought Ms. Williamson did a great job of introducing the characters, some back story and what both were feeling and thinking.  It was good to see Ethan's family as well, whose stories are told in the rest of the books of the series.  However, this can be read easily as a stand-alone.  I would certainly recommend this for a quick, light, fun read!


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