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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Playing with Fire" (Cynthia Eden) ★★★★★


An Old Flame
Cassie Armstrong has plenty to atone for. The daughter of the most immoral researcher ever to pick up a scalpel, she's determined to use her own brilliance in genetics to repair the damage her family has done to the paranormals. Especially Dante, the first of the phoenixes, the one they call the Immortal. He's been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl, and she's been trying to ease his pain for almost as long. If only he remembered any of it. . .
Dante doesn't know what Cassie's story is. He almost doesn't care. The minute he sees her, all he can think is mine. But there's more to the pretty little doctor than meets the eye. And Dante isn't the only one to notice. He can't trust her, but he can't stay away--and if he wants to learn her secrets, he's going to have to fight like hell to keep them both alive. . .
"Playing with Fire" is steamily intense! The story of Dante, a phoenix, and Cassie, a human - can they find love with each other? Cassie - a sweet person who only wants to love and be loved and help save others - loves Dante - her complete opposite. He only knows killing anyone and anything that gets in his way or threatens what is his - meaning Cassie. Can they over come these obstacles and survive the storm that is after them? This is more than just a romance, though. It is filled with suspense, danger and non-stop action. This is a real page turner - I enjoyed it immensely. I loved that there were so many types of paranormal species involved and Cassie's role with all of them, and Dante's reaction to all of them too. It was nice to see Cain and Eve again too (from Burn for Me). Although this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. If you like paranormal romances, or want to give one a try, I'd highly recommend Ms. Eden.  (Received ARC from NetGalley)  ★★★★★



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