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Friday, May 30, 2014

"Hold On Tight" (Serena Bell)

Hold On Tight by Serena Bell. The story of Jake and Mira - two people reunited after 8 long years, during which both experienced big events - Jake's horrific and MIra's uplifting, although difficult. I had high hopes for this one but at times, I was disappointed. It bothered me a bit all the emphasis put on Mira being a single mom - she lived with her parents who supported her for seven years. Many single moms struggle financially and emotionally with not much support, but she had that - even if she wanted to be more independent. While she was a good mom, she had only recently truly felt the affects of being a single mom on her own. Jake lost his leg while serving his country - the fact that he "didn't have PTSD" and didn't seek professional help was upsetting - he obviously was struggling with what he went through while at war, even if he didn't want to "put a gun in his mouth". Every decision he was making was based on that one horrific event. I did love how Mira was able to break him down and reveal his feelings and thoughts that he kept bottled up. I enjoyed Sam and how Mira was overprotective but Jake only wanted him to be a boy and enjoy everything, despite his allergies and asthma. What I didn't like was Jake seemed to only want to be a part of Sam's life if he could have Mira. I believed he loved Sam but would run away from him as soon as he had a disagreement with Mira. This story had a ton of potential and overall, was good. I just didn't always feel the connection with the characters that I would have liked to. ✔✔✔
(Received ARC from NetGalley for honest review)

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