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Monday, May 5, 2014

"Her Only Desire" (Delilah Devlin)

"Her Only Desire" by Delilah Devlin.  So, this is one of those books that is a guilty pleasure.  Boone, the Hero, is a bit dark and mysterious, especially at the beginning. Tilly is a sweet, somewhat innocent heroine that only wants to do what's best for her brother.  She gets caught up in Boone's "sexual way of life" and discovers that she likes it.  Boone was very caring and looked out for her, never wanting to hurt her.  She, in turn, wanted to help him learn the truth and only bring him pleasure.  I liked how, even though she was his "sub", it was more that that.  The only part that was a bit disappointing was when we found out "who did it".  I would have liked that part to take a bit longer with a bit more drama and suspense.  However, the relationship between Boone and Tilly in the rest of the book made up for that.  (Received ARC from NetGalley)   ✔✔✔✔

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