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Monday, April 3, 2017

COPA NYC 2017!!

Had an AMAZING time at the COPA NYC 2017 Book Signing this past Saturday.  It was held at the Mid-town Hilton in NYC.   This was my first signing and, Wow!  I was blown away!  To say it was fun and I was in awe of the wonderful authors and other readers/bloggers I met, is putting it mildly. Everyone was super friendly and helped settle my nerves (more from excitement than anything else)  and made me feel so welcome and right at home.   Several authors held some giveaways and I won two!!  I won a Kindle from Elle Christensen and bag full of goodies (including a Target gift card - my fave store after book stores) from Shari Ryan.

Many authors were new to me but a few faves were there too - including Sidney Halston, Lauren Layne, Elle Christensen, Tessa Bailey, Jana Aston, and oh, so many incredible authors.   I kind of went a bit overboard with the number of books I bought but am so excited to read, read, read!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy....

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