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Friday, April 8, 2016

"The Color of Forever" (Julianne MacLean) ★★★★★


From USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes the next instalment in her popular Color of Heaven Series, where people are affected by real life magic--and occasional miracle that have the power to change everything they once believed about life and love. 

Recently divorced television reporter Katelyn Roberts has stopped believing in relationships that last forever, until a near-death experience during a cycling accident changes everything. When she miraculously survives unscathed, a deeply-buried memory draws her to the quaint, seaside town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 

There, on the rugged, windswept coast of the Atlantic, she finds herself caught up in the secrets of a historic inn that somehow calls to her from the past. Is it possible that the key to her true destiny lies beneath all that she knows, as she explores the grand mansion and its property? Or that the great love she's always dreamed about is hidden in the alcoves of its past? 


Cat's Review

"The Color of Forever" by Julianne MacLean.  Wow!  Ms. MacLean sure knows how to write.  While I have not read all the books in this series (The Color of Heaven Series), I have read a few and honestly, cannot say which is my favorite.  I've enjoyed all of them to that degree.  In "The Color of Forever", Ms. MacLean has penned a beautiful tale of the journey of love, a touch of magic and a sense of being that I don't often find in other books.   In this story, we have Katelyn.  She is a reporter that has a life altering event that leads her on a path of self discovery.  As she travels with her best friend Bailey, she meets others that all have an impact on her life.   I so enjoyed this journey - it's deep and thought provoking yet leaves the reader with a sense of wonder and awe.  Ms. MacLean has proven to me yet again that she is a talented and truly gifted artist that brings her characters and story to life through words.  Her descriptions are detailed yet not overdone.  As the reader, I believed and could envision each and every scene.  The feelings portrayed by the characters I felt in my heart.  I felt as if I was a spirit myself, traveling this journey with Katelyn, overlooking her shoulder the entire time.   While this is Book 10 of the series, it can easily be read as a standalone.  Although, if the other books in the series are as enchanting as the three I've read already, I will gladly read the remainder and recommend that as well.  (received copy from author for honest review)



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