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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Highlander's Promise - A Cree & Dawn Short Story" (Donna Fletcher) Available NOW!!!

The wait is over!!!  

"Highlander's Promise - 
A Cree & Dawn Short Story" 

by Donna Fletcher 




Dawn did not waste a minute. She kept her steps light as she walked along the stone hallway, keeping close to the wall and the shadows. It was not difficult to stay in the shadows since the wall torches let off little light. When she reached a staircase that joined another, she recognized where she was and took the steps carefully. And just as carefully and quietly, she made her way through the passageway that held the four cells, two on either side that she had seen when first she came this way. She did not want to think of the poor souls that were locked behind the doors. There was nothing she could do for them. She was here for Cree.
She reached the second staircase and her thumping heart began to pound madly in her chest. Soon, very soon she would be with Cree again and this time he would leave with her. Footfalls suddenly approached and she braced herself against the dank wall, letting the darkest shadow she could find consume her.
The footfalls grew louder and in a few seconds a guard walked past her, so close that she feared he would be able to smell her, but then the already foul odor in the air no doubt helped to disguise her own unpleasant scent.
Once he passed by her, his footfalls no longer heard, she hurried to the lone cell and gently shoved the key in the lock, opened the door, and slipped in, closing the door behind her.
An arm snagged her around the waist and yanked her back against a hard chest while a harsh whisper sounded in her ear, “You disobey me yet again.”


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  1. It is always good to read more on Cree & Dawn. Thank you for posting Donna's newest release Cathy.