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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Redemption's Edge" (Shirleen Davies)

Title: Redemption’s Edge
Author: Shirleen Davies
Genre: Historical Western Romance

“A heartwarming, passionate story of loss, forgiveness, and redemption set in the untamed frontier during the tumultuous years following the Civil War. Ms. Davies’ engaging and complex characters draw you in from the start, creating an exciting introduction to this new historical western romance series.”

“Redemption’s Edge is a strong and engaging introduction to her new historical western romance series.”


Dax Pelletier is ready for a new life, far away from the one he left behind in Savannah following the South’s devastating defeat in the Civil War. The ex-Confederate general wants nothing more to do with commanding men and confronting the tough truths of leadership.
     Rachel Davenport possesses skills unlike those of her Boston socialite peers—skills honed as a nurse in field hospitals during the Civil War. Eschewing her northeastern suitors and changed by the carnage she’s seen, Rachel decides to accept her uncle’s invitation to assist him at his clinic in the dangerous and wild frontier of Montana.
     Now a Texas Ranger, a promise to a friend takes Dax and his brother, Luke, to the untamed territory of Montana. He’ll fulfill his oath and return to Austin, at least that’s what he believes.
     The small town of Splendor is what Rachel needs after life in a large city. In a few short months, she’s grown to love the people as well as the majestic beauty of the untamed frontier. She’s settled into a life unlike any she has ever thought possible.
     Thinking his battle days are over, he now faces dangers of a different kind—one by those from his past who seek vengeance, and another from Rachel, the woman who’s captured his heart.


The ride back to town took longer with Dax keeping a steady pace, and not the full-out run as when she rode behind Bull. She sat in front, nestled between his thighs, one of his arms wrapped around her waist. The sensations she felt as his body moved against hers had Rachel playing word games, trying to think of anything except the hard-bodied, rugged man who held her close.
“Relax, Rachel. If you don’t, you’ll be sore tomorrow.” His whispered words did nothing to stem the growing agitation at being this close to him.
She took a deep breath and tried to relax her muscles, letting her back rest against his chest.
“That’s it.” His breath washed against her neck, sending shivers up and down her spine.
Within minutes of getting on the horse, Dax regretted the decision to ride back with her. He should’ve taken her back in the wagon, let her sit a foot away. Or, even better, asked one of the ranch hands to take her home. He had no business being this close to someone like Rachel, especially with his growing attraction to her. When the war ended, he’d made up his mind not to get attached to any one place or woman for a long time, perhaps ever. Rachel posed a threat to his resolve.
She remained a mystery. Her sophisticated ways and upbringing hid a strength he found fascinating. Everything he discovered about Rachel made her more desirable. No matter her beauty, the grit she’d developed during the war, what he’d seen her do today, or his strong attraction to her, he had to hold himself in check.
Although she hadn’t spoken much while working on Hank, Dax had learned they’d both grown up attending fancy balls, eating fine food, and enjoying undisputed social standing, where who they married meant more than emotions or love. None of those meant anything to him now. He had yet to figure out what did matter. Even as those thoughts rolled around in his head, he could feel his arm tighten around Rachel, pulling her closer, inhaling the rose scent of her hair.
“Will you keep the ranch?” Rachel felt his arm contract and fought for breath. Not because he held her too snug. The sensations came from the incessant pounding of her heart, the tightening in her chest, and the feel of his body aligned with hers.
He didn’t want to answer questions about the ranch. Each answer would lead to another question, then one more.
“We’ll stay a while, then decide.”
“Do you have family in Texas?”
“No, we’re from Savannah. Luke and I moved to Austin after the war. That’s when we took jobs as Rangers.” He willed himself to focus on the road ahead and not the feel of her nestled close. “We wouldn’t have come up here if it hadn’t been for Pat’s request.”
She settled a hand on top of his and squeezed lightly, thinking how lucky Mr. Hanes had been to have selected the Pelletiers as friends.
Dax stifled a groan at the feel of her hand on his.
He rounded the last bend to see lights from a few kerosene lamps still burning inside various buildings. The clinic stood near the center of town, the livery and school at the north end, and the church at the south end. In between stood the Wild Rose Saloon—or the Rose, as locals called it—the general store, boardinghouse and restaurant, barber shop, bank, land office, gunsmith, jail, Western Union, and stage office.
Dax stopped Hannibal in front of the clinic. He didn’t release Rachel right away. Instead, he pulled her close once more, then reluctantly let go and slid to the ground.
“I’ll help you. Swing one leg over the horn.” He lifted his arms and grabbed Rachel around the waist, slowly lowering her and letting his eyes lock on hers, the steel color having turned a stormy, dark gray.
She gazed up at him, her hands resting on his arms, and made no move to back away. The invitation he saw both warned and encouraged him.
“I’m not certain how long we’ll be in Splendor, but I’d like to call on you, if you’d allow me to, Rachel.” He closed his eyes, surprised that he’d voiced what he wanted, knowing he had no business showing an interest in her.
She’d wanted him to ask, yet hadn’t allowed herself to hope. “I’d like that, Dax.”
He continued to stare into her luminous eyes, wanting nothing more than to capture her lips with his. She didn’t move or turn away, continuing to hold his gaze. He bent lower before a gruff cough from behind drew his attention.



have been writing most of my life, but only recently began the transition into fiction. Historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and short stories are what keep me reading, so that is the focus of my writing.

I was born in California, grew up between a growing beach town and a small town at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. My mother originally planned to name me Katherine, but she read an article in the paper about a woman named Shirleen shortly before my birth, so instead of having a cool nickname, like Kate, I am simply Shirleen. My mainstays growing up were all the Nancy Drew mystery books; I loved them. Eventually I moved on to mysteries, suspense stories, crime novels, and romance. Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my favorites.

Besides California, life changes have allowed me to live in Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. Everywhere I have lived has been inspirational in one way or another, giving me the opportunity to meet remarkable people with their own stories to tell. I've sailed, skied, owned horses plus lots of other animals, and ridden various off-road vehicles. I enjoy dancing, fishing, hunting, being the back-seater on my husband's Harley, traveling and, of course, reading and writing.

Prior to transitioning to writing fiction, I worked for Fortune 500 and many smaller, start-up companies. Fortunately, I regained my sanity long enough to start my own consulting firm, which I still maintain today.

My husband and I spend most of our time at our main home in the mountains of Arizona and our second home in Southern California. Between us we have five boys with growing careers and families of their own. So, from my perspective, my life is a success and always an adventure. I wouldn't change a thing; well, except finding more time to write.

I love hearing from readers, so please feel email me at

Best regards to all of you,
Shirleen Davies





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