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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"The Millionaire Affair" (Jessica Lemmon)


"The Millionaire Affair" by Jessica Lemmon. The story of Kimber and Landon. I absolutely adored Landon. He was the typical Alpha Hero - strong, rich and needing to be in control yet was truly a vulnerable sweet guy. At times Kimber did annoy me a bit - she tended to be a little wishy-washy - always thinking every guy she dated needed to be "the one" which, of course, made her hesitant to believe her feelings for Landon. However, it was understandable because all she truly wanted was to be loved and cherished and not end up in divorce. While I could understand Kimber's mom not wanting her to make the same mistakes she made, it bothered me that Gloria never encouraged Kimber to pursue a relationship with Landon. It was fun to watch both Landon and Kimber come to terms with their feelings and their relationship. This book had me chuckling throughout - meaning I truly enjoyed it. (Received copy from NetGalley) ✔✔✔✔

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