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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Darkest Before Dawn" (Maya Banks) ★★★.5






Darkest Before Dawn is a thrilling and suspenseful story of sacrifice, selflessness and soul mates. The latest book in Maya's #1 New York Times bestselling series, Darkest Before Dawn is the novel KGI readers have long awaited for: Hancock's story. Enigmatic, mysterious and cold as ice, Hancock is an operative with the secret Titan organization and has been both an opponent and an ally to the Kelly Group International (KGI) in the time they've known him. While his true allegiance has never been known, Hancock's personal code of honor and duty lies in his unwavering belief in serving the greater good, no matter the cost. 

Hancock's latest mission will deliver him the man he's been hoping to take down for years, but one relationship stands to compromise everything he's worked towards. Honor Cambridge is a strong, capable, resilient young woman and an obstacle Hancock never saw coming. When his mission orders put him in direct opposition to his blossoming feelings for the captive he's been ordered to guard, Hancock must choose between his heart or the greater good...and his decision will have dire consequences for everyone involved. 



"Darkest Before Dawn" by Maya Banks tells the story of Honor and Hancock.  Although I have not read the entire series, I have read several of the KGI books and, for the most part, have enjoyed them. It was nice to reconnect with some of the previous characters and get some updates.  I am a Maya Banks fan, having read several of her other series and thoroughly enjoying them as well.  However, I have to say this one fell a tiny bit short for me.   The story does start off with a bang, literally, when Honor finds herself in a clinic that has been bombed.  The telling of Honor's escape seemed to take a bit too long for me - although I like for details to be written, this seemed a bit over done, as well as when we first meet Hancock - same thing - just a few too many details for me.  I guess I'm a bit impatient - I like to get to the heart of the story a bit quicker.  Despite that, I still did like this one - Although Hancock is not my favorite person,  he does redeem himself and I believe his feelings are true.   I couldn't help but like Honor - she is her name - honorable!  Together I thought they were good and there were sparks - sadly, the mission of the story overtook their romance thought.  There is danger and action and suspense but also Ms. Banks has incorporated tender moments along with some humor too.  Overall, I would recommend this book for those that like action and suspense, but not such a strong romance factor - although its there, just a bit more in the background for me in this one.  (received copy for honest review)


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