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Friday, June 13, 2014

"The Highlander's Stolen Heart" (Donna Fletcher) Release Blast with Giveaway!

Title:  The Highlander’s Stolen Heart
Series:  Macinnes Sisters Trilogy – Book 1
Author:  Donna Fletcher
Publication Date:  June 2014
Genre:  Scottish Historical Romance
Publisher: Indie Pubbed

From USA Today Bestselling author Donna Fletcher comes the first book in the Macinnes Sisters trilogy.

The three Macinnes sisters are well-known throughout the Highlands. Heather, the eldest, is known for her beauty and kindness. Patience, the middle sister, while attractive is known for her warrior skills. Emma, the youngest, is plain-featured, her passion knowledge. There is nothing the sisters will not do for each other and their love and loyalty is tested when Heather is abducted.

Emma must ride alone through a rainstorm to reach the MacClennan keep and fetch the mighty warrior, Rogan MacClennan, Heather’s intended. Nothing must delay her. Her sister’s life depends on it. Emma is not only shocked by the warrior’s handsome features but by his refusal to leave immediately once he learns that Heather has been abducted.  His excuse is the raging storm, but Emma will not bow to the mighty warrior’s dictates. She sneaks off to return to the injured Macinnes warriors and to search for Heather.

Rogan MacClennan cannot believe the audacity of the youngest Macinnes sister to call him a coward, and then sneak off in nothing more than her nightdress. When he gets his hands on her, he intends to see her sent home to her father. Then he will rescue his intended without any interference from Emma.

Thrown together, the unlikely pair must face more trials and tribulations than they ever imagined possible. They also must face something both are trying desperately to ignore and deny... that they are falling in love.

Emma cannot betray her sister and Rogan must do his duty to his clan. They have no future together... or do they?


Emma had come across a babbling stream, the tracks she had been following having taken her off a well-worn path. While her horse drank, she discarded her cloak and knelt beside the water and got a distorted glimpse of her reflection, which made her look even worse than she already did. Dried mud spotted her face here and there and her hair hung in strings over her shoulders. Her hands were a mixture of dried mud and scratches, and she wished she had remembered to use the salve in her satchel before leaving the stable. The mixture was her own concoction she had scented with lavender and it kept her hands in fine shape, not to mention soft and smelling nice. But she had forgotten about it and now she had no time to care for her hands, or for that matter herself. She looked affright, and she doubted that even a brief washing would change that.
She went to dip her hands in the water when she caught another reflection shimmering just behind hers. It towered over her and the breadth of it made it seem like it was about to devour her.


Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author of adventurous, historical romances. She has written over thirty books that have sold worldwide.



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  1. Hi Donna. Great to read more about your newest release.

  2. OMG I just read your book description and I just need to read this trilogy, seems so much fun to read. Sorry to say, but I'm just discovering your beautiful books!

  3. Hi Nicole, glad you enjoyed the description and hope you enjoy the book!

  4. Cathy, wanted to thank you so much for hosting me on your beautiful website! You're a joy to work with.

  5. Donna- I really enjoyed it and was so happy I could help you. I look forward to the next one! ;o)

  6. Thank you for the giveaway. Donna is one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read this book :)