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Monday, April 21, 2014

"Every Part of You: Tempts Me" - Part One (Megan Hart)

"Every Part of You: Tempts Me" (pt. 1) by Megan Hart.   This is part one of Elliot and Simone's story.  I love Simone - she's feisty and funny, but deep down is vulnerable.  Elliot is straight-laced and frustrated as heck with his attraction to Simone - she is nothing like his usual conquests.  The ending, even though a bit of a cliffhanger, has me ready for the next one to find out what happens on their next date!  Although I'm not always a fan of stories that are broken down into short books instead of one longer one, I did enjoy this story so far.  ✔✔✔✔   (received copy from NetGalley)

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